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This How To describes how to put the ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery onto the Levono K3 Note Model K50-t5 and, using CWM Recovery, root it.


The method was generated from notes that I took of Root Junky’s YouTube video on the subject and what I actually carried out on my Lenovo. I fully acknowledge Root Junk’s methodology and prior work. Other similar methods exist but I had trouble with fully understanding the steps.



Any modification to firmware and OS could possibly brick the device and neither the author or the web sites assumes any responsibility or loss from your actions. You take all responsibility for the outcomes of following the following procedures. Read all steps before proceeding!


Step 1 – Preliminary

  • Make sure your phone is fully charged
  • Turn on Developer Options if not already on.
    • Open settings and scroll to bottom of list, if you see “Developer options” listed then you are good to go.
    • If not, open “About phone” and open “Device information” and tap on “Build number” and keep tapping on it until a message comes up telling that you are now a developer.
    • Back out to “Settings” screen
  • Turn on USB debugging
    • Tap on and open “Developer options”
    • Tap on “USB debugging” and ensure there is a tick mark showing.
    • Back out to main screen
  • Recommendation
    • It is recommended to temporarily increase the screen stand by time to say 10 minutes
      • In “Settings” tap on and open “Screen standby”
      • Select your standby time
      • Back out to main screen

Step 2 – Downloads

On your PC or Laptop go to “” website.

  • Click on “Levono K3 Note” and click on “Levono K3 Note CWM” in the drop down box to download it.
  • Click on “Android Drivers” and click on “Levono” in the drop down box and click on “MTK_UsbDriver_autorun_1.0.14_internal.exe” to download it.
  • Click on “Adb Fastboot Files” and click on “ADB FASTBOOT” in the drop down box to download it.
  • Click on “SuperSU” and click on the bottom “UPDATE-SuperSU” in the drop down box to download it.
    • At this stage you could remove the micro-SD card from the unit, put it into your PC, make a folder on it and copy “UPDATE-SuperSU” across to it. DO NOT UNZIP and remember the name of folder.

Step 3 – Getting it ready

  • Unzip “Levono K3 Note CWM” to a folder that you will remember
  • Unzip “ADB FASTBOOT” to a folder that you will remember
  • Run “MTK_UsbDriver_autorun_1.0.14_internal.exe” to install the phone’s drivers

Step 4 – Installing CWM Recovery

  • Open the folder where you unzipped “ADB FASTBOOT”
  • In the white area of the folder press “Shift” and “Right Mouse Button” and select “Open command window here” and a Command Window will open.
  • With your phone on and not on standby, use the USB cable to connect it to your PC
  • Wait until all the phone is recognised and all driver installation ended
  • NOTE: if you get a pop up to allow debugging – allow


  • In the Command Window type:
    • adb devices <Enter> (<Enter> means push “Enter” key)
    • you will get
      • List of attached devices

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                devices

where “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” is a mixture of letters and numbers


if you get “unauthorized” instead of “devices” then you phone is probably in “snooze” mode or “off”. Wake it or reboot and try again. Make sure screen is on.

  • adb reboot bootloader <Enter>
    • the phone will reboot and in the lower left hand corner in very small writing you will see “fastboot mode”
  • fastboot devices
  • you will get
    • List of attached devices

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                                fastboot

showing everything is OK

  • Change to the folder where you unzipped “Levono K3 Note CWM” (you should see “recovery.img” listed) and move the Command Window there.
  • fastboot flash recovery (space), right click on “recovery.img” and drag onto the command Window following the (space). Push “Enter”.
    • The CWM Recovery will flash over and you will see some very small printing in the middle of the screen
  • fastboot reboot
    • Reboots the phone into its normal mode with CWM installed.
  • To boot into CWM at any time
    • Turn off phone
    • Push and hold both the up volume and down volume buttons in and keep holding them in
    • Push and hold the power button and keep holding it in
    • Keep holding in all 3 buttons until a yellow and white logo appears
    • Release buttons and you are now in CWM Recovery with a menu
    • To move up and down the menu, use the volume up and down buttons and to select a menu item press the power key

Step 5 – Root the phone

  • If you have not copied “UPDATE-SuperSU” and with the phone connected to your PC and USB debugging still selected, open “Computer” on a Windows 7 PC or equivalent on other PC’s and navigate to “Portable Devices” and click on “Levono K3 Note”
  • Click on “External Storage” and open it
  • Create a new folder and copy “UPDATE-SuperSU” into it.
  • Disconnect the phone from the PC and turn it off
  • Boot phone into CWM Recovery
    • Navigate to “install zip” and open it
    • Navigate to “choose zip from /storage/sdcard1” and open it
    • Navigate to the folder where you copied “UPDATE-SuperSU” and open it
    • Navigate to “UPDATE-SuperSU” and select it.
    • Select “Yes install”
    • The phone is now rooted.
    • Navigate back to “reboot system now” and reboot into its normal operational mode
  • Download “Root Checker” from the Play Store and confirm root.
  • You may also need to install Busybox from Play Store to round out the root

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