Repartition kitkat – Increase app storage in Micromax Unite 2

Micromax A106 Unite 2 has 0.89 GB for app storage. This low storage can be increased up to 6 GB by flashing repartition mods.

This mod is created for Micromax A106 Unite 2 (MT6582) and may not work in other phones. All files are edited manually by Qamrul Haque (me).

This repartition mod is 100% safe and has been tested by thousands of Unite 2 users.


Download any one app partition zip file from below link, also download stock partition zip:


Repartition Kitkat

Note: 4 GB model supports maximum 2.5 GB for apps. Don’t flash more than 2.5 GB in 4 GB model.

Internal memory = Total ROM – ( 1.44 GB + apps memory)
If ROM is 8 GB and phone memory is 2.5 GB then internal memory will be 4 GB.

Backups (optional):

  • Nandroid backup (Guide)
  • Titanium backup (Guide)

You don’t need a rooted phone for repartition. Factory reset is required after flashing EBRs so please make nandroid backup or titanium backup if you want to restore data. Install App Backup and Restore from play store to backup apks. Move all data like pictures, videos and other files from internal sd card to external sd card or pen drive.



Steps to repartition:

Step 1: Flash custom recovery. Click HERE for guide

Step 2: Keep downloaded repartition zip file in external SD card.

Step 3: Switch off phone and press vol up + vol down + power button to reboot to recovery.

Step 4: In CWM recovery, press vol down to select install zip from sdcard then press power button to confirm selection

01 - install zip from sdcard1


Step 5: Select choose zip from sdcard then press power button

02 - choose zip from sdcard1


Step 6: Select downloaded repartition zip file then press power button

03 - select repartition zip1


Step 7: Select Yes – Install then press power button

04 - install repartition zip1


Step 8: After successful flashing of EBR1 and EBR2 press vol down to select Go Back then press power button

05 - repartition successful1

Step 9: Press vol down to select wipe data/factory reset then press power button

06 - factory reset1


Step 10: Press vol down to select Yes — delete all user data then press power button

07 - delete all user data1


Step 11: Go to advanced menu and wipe dalvik cache

Restart phone after wiping dalvik cache

08 - reboot system1


After restart if you see Encryption unsuccessful message then tap Reset phone. If tapping reset phone doesn’t work then reinsert battery and press vol up + vol down + power button to reboot to recovery and repeat steps 9, 10 and 11.



Qamrul Haque

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