How To Chat Even If Somebody Blocked You On WhatsApp

Hello and welcome everyone to AndroidHelpers in today’s tutorial we are going to discuss on how to chat even if somebody blocked you on WhatsApp, Yes you heard it right after applying this simple trick you can easily text or chat even if he/she has blocked you on WhatsApp.

The tutorial is super easy anyone who has a basic knowledge on WhatsApp can do this very easily, Do ask your queries in the comment box and we will try to solve it asap. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Best Thing??
No Root Access Required

So without any further do let’s get started…

Step 1: After getting blocked contact a mutual friend and tell him or her to make a group and Add you and the person who have blocked on the same group.

Step 2: Now tell your Mutual friend to exit from that group, After exiting only two people left You and the person who have blocked you, Now Simply open the group and send a message and it will reach to the person who has blocked you because he/she is a group member.

Now the million Dollar question is What if the person who has blocked you exits the group, in that criteria there is nothing to do.

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